Cube Farm Life Ain’t Easy

It’s true. And it’s one of those things that either you know it, you get it… Or you don’t. Myself, I get it. Completely. Out of all the many years of my office working┬ácareer, I spent precious few of them in an office space. Most of the time, I was in a fabric covered, soul absorbing cubicle cell. But if you live with someone who hasn’t worked like that… chances are pretty good that they don’t get it. That can be rough. So this is a good place for you.

I’m writing this because after many years, after a lot of trial and error, I’ve figured out how to cope with cubicle farm life. I’ve figured out how to get through each day, each mind-numbing hour, each newly frustrating┬áminute, so I can be at peace for most of the day.

Disclaimer: I am no Buddha, or any other enlightened type of person. But I’m working on it! Continue reading