My name is Wayne. I’m a Cubicle Farm Survivor.

I spent years hating many things about my jobs. A lot of the frustration came from trying to work hard and be productive while banished to that fabric covered cell know as a ‘cubicle’.

And of course, if you work in anything resembling a cubicle farm, you will have lots of other work related frustrations.

But I’m skipping ahead…

Growing up in the woods of coastal Virginia, my parents encouraged my creativity. Later we would move to west central Florida. As I graduated high school at 16 (I was smart back then), I segued into the local junior college, looking forward to a degree in Art. I love art, I love being creative.

But life has a way of taking us places we did not expect. As I was starting college, my family imploded. It quickly became clear that I would not have the expected support required to become ‘the next great starving artist’.

For some strange reason, a career in accounting seemed like the solution. I was standing in a sinking lifeboat and it looked like accounting would provide the income and security I suddenly craved. I was pretty good at it too. I didn’t know then what I know now.

Skip ahead 3+ decades, and I’ve developed a ‘successful’ career in accounting and finance. I’ve had some great experiences along the way, and I’ve learned a LOT! This has, however, required spending years and years working in cubicles and cube farm environments.

Over the years, in an effort to develop an escape from working in an office space, I have engaged in various entrepreneurial endeavors. I have several photography websites, and currently run an online Vintage Boutique with my wife. I haven’t yet crafted my escape from the Cubicle Farm, but I’m working on it!

Over and over, I have worked with people very much like myself, many of them smarter or harder working, and we’ve always ended up coaching each other. When you are constantly being slammed with a multitude of fires to put out, or ‘hair on fire’ emergencies, you have to find ways to cope, or the job will eat you alive.

I care about people. I care about the people I work with, and I care about my ‘brothers and sisters’ in cubicles around the world. So I’m writing this free guide in the hope that I can help you become a Cubicle Farm Survivor too!

Thanks, and hang in there!


I would love to hear from you!



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