Do Something For Yourself… Every Day

It’s Imperative That You Take Care Of You

This is NOT easy! What is easy is getting so wrapped up in deadlines and stress and demanding bosses, or colleagues, or work loads, that you forget about YOU. How many times out of the last month have you worked through lunch, eating at your desk? Or worse yet, how often have you skipped lunch altogether?

I know how this goes. We sacrifice our personal well-being in order to get a little more done, in hopes of relieving some of the constant pressure. Using my lunch hour as a way to take up slack or make up time when I’m feeling the crunch has become standard operating procedure over the years.

Does your workplace have a gym? Even walking on a boring treadmill is better than nothing!

But with a big difference these days.
Now, I work just as hard to make myself a priority and get some sort of moving in every day. I started by committing to get outside and walk in the fresh air for at least 15 minutes, at least three times a week. From there I worked up to taking my two 15 minute breaks to walk outside each day, as many days of the week as I could manage.

It doesn’t happen every day. I have to be flexible and not get down on myself when the needs of the business, and my job, force me to miss a walk. So then I use my lunch hour (when I get it) to get outside and get some walking in.

Don’t get me wrong, walking is not the only option. But for many of us it is the most convenient and accessibly option while at work. If your company has locker rooms, you may be able to get into some full-on, hot-n-sweaty workouts during your work day. And if that’s what you like, make it happen!

Only You Can Take Care Of You

The point is this: It is so, so important that you get up and move for a while every day. Our jobs are not designed to keep us healthy. They are designed to maximize output. That requires sitting at our desks for hours on end, crunching the numbers or inputting the data. It’s up to you to find some way to get moving every day.

And listen, don’t do this for me. No. Don’t do it for anyone else either. Do it for yourself. If we are working our asses off for retirement, but end up so out of shape and sick that we can’t enjoy it… well then we really have to question the whole thing!

We’ll talk about this more, I promise. In the meantime, think about how you can get some time to move your body while at work tomorrow. Make the commitment to yourself. Say it out loud if you need to: “I am going to do this for me! I am going to find a way to move my body a little more every day!”.

Thanks for visiting with me today. You are all awesome, and I want the best for each of you!



One of my favorite books is The Buddhist Path To Simplicity. It’s not religious, but spiritual. I highly recommend this book, but it can be hard to find. Try this search link on Amazon. (Yes, if you buy a book, I get a little scratch).


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